Thursday, September 26, 2013

Author Grandpa Don recently had great fun sharing FUN WITH ABBY & ALYSSA book series with Little Lukes. Little Lukes is a preschool and daycare program, which includes children with special needs in classrooms with typically developing children. Some children and families face special challenges and need extra help. Early help does make a difference! Yes, a BIG difference in little lives!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SENSEational Toy Review

PlayAbility launched a customer toy evaluation program in July, 2013. We will be distributing the results of these evaluations and posting the information, photos, and videos on our website. Email if you would like LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR EVALUATION PROGRAM.

Company: PlayAbility Toys
Toy: Shape SENSEation 
Evaluator: MaryFrances Gonzalez MA, CCC-SLP  

Did your child enjoy playing with the toy, and did it consistently capture his or her interest?
Yes, all of the children especially enjoyed pulling apart the shapes and pushing them back together. Several of the children used it to stack them on top of each other (saying "more" to request a piece and then imitating, "up, up, up" and knocking it "down"). Almost all of the children enjoyed throwing the pieces and finding the matches.

Did the toy promote play interaction and social engagement with others?
Yes but the social interaction was more so to request help with the shapes to pull apart or put it together.

Did the child enjoy the sensory stimulation provided by the toy?
I feel that the bright colors and Velcro were the most stimulating. Most of my children touched the toy and enjoyed the bumpy textures. A few clients (younger) put the pieces in their mouths.

Did the toy encourage and motivate movement and activity?
Yes, shape sense encouraged building, pulling, pushing, and throwing.

Did the toy stimulate imagination and cognitive activity?
Yes, I feel the different pieces allow for all types of creative play beyond learning the shapes. I worked concept development such as "same", "different", "big, bigger, biggest" , "in", "out", "up", "down", "off", and "on." Some of my smaller clients had a difficult time pulling the pieces apart. The sizes are excellent for toddlers/preschools.

Would you recommend this toy for other children with similar special needs?
Yes, I think this toy would be best for infants and toddler. The preschoolers were not as motivated with the pieces for very long unless I utilized a movement activity (throwing, jumping, etc.) with the pieces.  

General or Additional Comments (use additional pages if necessary):  
Overall, I think this would also be a very visual stimulating toy for infant visual stimulation/development. It's also a very safe toy for infants and toddlers to play with. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PlayAbility’s Buddy Dog and our new Buddy Puppet, Echo the Elephant and Echo puppet toys are now being used in creative ways by the Wings on Words (WOW) preschool program in Tucson.  WOW provides an enriched, language-based curriculum for young children ages 2-5 and aims to equip children with a strong foundation for learning. Because oral language skills are central to future success in reading, writing, self-esteem, and building relationships, WOW’s curriculum emphasizes oral language development. In addition to language-based classroom curriculum, students are provided with speech and language therapy as needed.

The Buddy and Echo toys are being used in lesson plans to facilitate communication, conflict resolution, and vocabulary. In addition, the multi-sensory experience and warm facial features the toys offer provide the children with a calming influence when needed. We plan to post more about the creative lesson plans the WOW teachers are using in a future post.